CMP Creative

Color Management Professional Creative is developed for professionals charged with the design and production of creative content. Through a series of short, interactive and informative lessons, CMP Creative examines issues critical to the process of ensuring content output meets the intended design and corporate brand objectives.

Who Should Enroll: Professionals charged with the design and production of creative content

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Rods and Cones


1. Mission Control: Is There a Problem?
2. What is Color Management?
3. The Importance of Color Management
4. Examples of Color Managed Workflows
5. Brands and Color
6. Tools That Measure Color
7. Standards and Consistency
8. Monitors
9. Optimizing Applications
10. RGB and CMYK
11. Brand and Spot Colors
12. Proofing
13. Printing
14. Printing Processes
15. Paper
16. Conclusion
17. Certification Exam

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